Banking Infrastructure
for Digital Assets

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A Proposed Bermudian Bank and Technology Firm

Core Banking

Business checking, deposit, wires for digital asset businesses


Seamless banking across fiat and stablecoins, with Stablecoins-as-a-Service issuance on behalf of select clients

Digital Asset Custody

Our future clients can choose to custody their digital assets and stablecoins with us, or hold their own keys

API-Based Services

Full bank-as-a-service via API for a single point to manage cash, stablecoins, wires, fiat on/off ramps
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Jewel is the bridge between digital assets and fiat banking. Our services meet the core banking needs of innovative digital asset businesses, including with next generation stablecoin infrastructure for settlement on DLT. The Jewel team brings a deep set of experience in regulated financial businesses, has provided leadership and guidance on new banking and finance policy in the US and emerging markets, and has a track record of delivering innovative and compliant new financial
market solutions.
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